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El Escritorio is a publishing and research company focusing on the Hispano, Mexican American, Chicano and Native American Communities in Colorado, New Mexico and the Borderlands.

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The People of El Valle

The People of El Valle, 4th Ed.

A History of the Spanish Settlers
in the San Luis Valley

by Olibama Lopez Tushar

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The People of El Valle is a history of the Spanish surnamed settlers who settled in the San Luis Valley in southeastern Colorado, starting in 1849, in La Plaza de Los Manzanares, (today known as Garcia) by the author’s ancestors.

Olibama Lopez Tushar (1906-2004) reviews the early history of the Southwest with particular emphasis on the San Luis Valley. She describes the life of the early settlers including their homes, churches, schools, dress and occupations, as well as cites in depth recollections of her grandparent’s and parent’s experiences in their settlement of Colorado. She also includes a unique selection of folk tales (including her experience with La Llorona-the Weeping Woman), songs, proverbs and riddles, brought from Spain and gathered along the way through El Camino Real that covered Mexico City to southeastern Colorado. In this edition, she added a chapter on the indigenous roots and cultural connections of these settlers. There is also an update on the Sangre de Cristo Land Grant, better known as La Sierra, and the more than four decades of legal battles to regain rights set forth by Carlos Beaubien in the 19th Century.

The People of El Valle has been used in many college courses throughout Colorado and New Mexico, and referenced by historians over and over again when referring to the early settlements of Colorado, Hispano culture and traditions.

The author died on January 19, 2004. She was a pioneer in many ways, graduating from CU in 1930 with a Bachelor’s degree in languages, a Master’s degree from DU in 1940. Her thesis expanded to the publication of this book. She was born in Los Rincones, near Manassa, in the San Luis Valley.  Her ancestors were the first Spanish settlers in the valley, and although, she lived in Denver most of her life, the San Luis Valley was always near and dear to her heart. Testimony of this is the estate she left to the Adams State College Foundation in Alamosa, to provide scholarships in her memory to Hispanic women from the San Luis Valley who enroll at Adams State College. Olibama was a teacher, translator, genealogist, and a life-long learner who left us a legacy with her imprint of The People of El Valle that is a valuable contribution to the American memory.

Días en la Feria, 2010

Caliente A magazine featuring the Hispanic Art Exhibit at the Colorado State Fair Cultural Heritage Center, August 27- September 6, 2010

El Escritorio Publications has published the "Día(s)" magazine for the last 22 years. We have renamed the publication "Días en la Feria" from "Día(s) de Fiesta" to reflect the presence of the Hispanic Art Exhibit during the entire State Fair.

Last year the scope of the magazine expanded to include articles about the entire eleven day fair. This year the magazine will also include a section of how Hispanic art has evolved from the past towards the future.

The Hispanic Art Exhibit at the Cultural Heritage Center is sponsored by the Colorado State Fair and produced by El Escritorio and HILO, Hispanic Initiative for Literacy Opportunities, a Colorado non-profit organization that promotes the arts.

The Art Exhibit and magazine were both great successes this year.

Image: Caliente by Jose Mares

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